When He Said Why He Put An Egg And Banana In The Ground I Thought It Was A Joke. But The Result? WOW

If you like gardening, you already know that fertilizing is very important because it offers the plants all the nutrients needed to grow properly.

But, what if there is a chance to skip this? Read this article and you will learn how to make your plants grow without buying fertilizer.

Fertilizers usually include mixed ingredients the plants need to grow, such as Sulphur, nitrogen, and potassium. These fertilizer mixtures can be found in almost any store or you can use cow manure instead.

Anyway, as we already mentioned, there is no need to use these fertilizers anymore. Now, you just need an egg and a banana. Put them in the hole and plant what you desire. The two ingredients have the right amount of nutrients as the fertilizers in the store. However, they are better because are natural.

One hole is going to get a whole banana and a whole egg. Bury them into the hole about 10-12 inches. Drop the banana down in the hole, the egg and fill it up halfway and put your plant in. Add 4-5 inches of soil over the egg and the banana.

The egg and banana will provide key micro-nutrients and calcium to fight blossom end-rot.

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