When You Will Get Married? Look At Your Palm And Find Out By Yourself – Here Is How

Do you believe that your palm can tell you the age of your marriage? Yes that`s true, marriage lines lies on the edge of the palm, bellow the little finger, and they are sometimes called love line or marriage lines.

So if you want to find out when you will get married you just need to look at certain points on your palm.

Here is the step by step procedure how to discover something about your love and marriage.

1.The first think you should do is to take a ruler

2.Locate the heart line; use the ruler to measure the distance from it to the bottoms of the little finger. Place the ruler son the side just like is shown in the picture. From here you can see that there are 17 divisions. This length represents 50 years of your life span.

3.Now count the number of divisions for marriage lines. In case of this person in the figure, we see, the marriage line is at 12 divisions counting from heart line towards the base line of the little finger.

So the age representing at 12th division will be his year of marriage.

7 divisions = 50 years

1 division = 50/17 years = 2.941 years

12 division = 2.941 x 12 = 35.292 years

According to this palm reading the person will find his true love at the age of 35.  But this is only in one hand, so to be sure you need to measure the divisions from the both hands. In the event that you have two marriage line like 35 an the one hand and  25 at the other hand the possibly falling in love and getting marriage would be between the age of 25 and 35.

I hope that this was an interesting fact for you. So take a ruler , follow the instructions and see your marriage line.

source: palmistry2010.blogspot.com

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