here is no doubt that if there is a cream that has never gone out of fashion after so many generations, this is the cream Nivea. But we are also sure that very few of us know all the benefits of this powerful cosmetic. Know below what are all the benefits of cream Nivea.

Properties and benefits of cream Nivea

Look at all the benefits of the cream for your skin and general health!

Hydrates cuticles

If you want to avoid having to remove your cuticles with the pliers, just apply a little cream on them and massage them for a few minutes, they will become soft and moisturized!

Eliminates foot cracks

This is one of the most wonderful benefits of Nivea cream for the health of our skin.

Apply Nivea cream on your feet during the nights, massage well and cover with stockings. When you wake up, your feet will be soft and moisturized.

If the cracks are very deep, mix in a container a little cream with Benpantol, and apply the treatment to your feet in the same way as the previous procedure with only the cream Nivea.

Watch your eyes

If you want to eliminate the crow’s feet, just apply a little cream under your eyes before going to bed.

Softens and brightens knees

If you apply the cream on your knees and massage for a few minutes, these will be soft and clear!


This is another of fascinating benefits of Nivea cream for our hair.

If your hair is too crazy, put some cream on your hands and then pass through the “conflictive” areas of the hair.

Prevent pregnancy stretch marks

The Nivea cream acts as a powerful moisturizer when preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

Hands and lips perfectly hydrated

Rub a little cream on your hands to make them soft and clean at the same time!

You can do the same with your lips when the cold makes them too dry.

After the sun

If you’ve been too long in the hot sun and burned, you can apply the water to the affected area to relieve the burning and refresh you.

Skin burns

This is another of the most wonderful benefits of Nivea cream.

Were you in the kitchen preparing a delicious dish and suddenly you burned with an oil jet or the hot oven? Apply immediately cream on the affected area, to avoid blistering, reduce inflammation and moisturize the skin.

For dermatitis

The Nivea cream is very dense, which makes it perfect when it comes to preventing and fighting dermatitis.

Deep hydration for the face

Apply a layer of cream on your face, cover with a wet towel and let the treatment rest for at least 30 minutes.

Then rinse your face with warm water.

Your face will be totally purified and smooth!

Moisturizes and clears elbows

Apply the cream also to lighten your elbows, just as you did to lighten your knees.

Anti-eye circles

Before sleeping, apply a little cream under your eyes and massage for a few seconds, dark circles will disappear completely!

Makeup remover

Creme Nivea also acts as a powerful make-up remover. It will only be enough to pass a little of this cream with a cotton to remove all the makeup on your face.

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