A Study Proved That Ginger Can Heal And Remove Prostate Cancer, Ovarian And Colon Cancer. Much Better Than Chemo!

Many people worldwide know more and more of the good things of ginger and its healing benefits.

It is not just added for flavor in foods, it can also be a medicine for many issues. These days, even modern medicine affirmed the healing benefits of ginger, especially for cancer.

As to Journal of Toxicology and Food Chemistry, the ginger has 2 potent items – gingerols and paradoles that prevent early cancer. But, medical experts still are in favor of the chemo.


At a conference Cancer Prevention Research in 2003, scientists proved that ginger can cure this cancer and even prevent it. Many other studies proved this too.

The Journal of Nutrition made a study publishing in 2015 about ginger removing colon cancer and the colon cancer cells too! So, this healing root can be helpful for these issues and preventing them.


The onset of cancer is known as angiogenesis and this predicts the onset and development of cancer. So, if you can see it in time and recognize it, you can stop it from growing.

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine made a publication study that claimed ginger root is a great healer and is anti-angiogenic by nature so for sure it prevents cancer growth.

Also, experts studied experiments on the University of Michigan for the American Association for Cancer Research and the result was that ginger kills the cancer cells and is much better than chemo since the cancer in the ovaries cannot develop resistance.

Also, ginger curing has little if no side effects, is not dependence inducing like a drug and has no toxicity like chemo.


The British Journal of Nutrition made a study published that said ginger extract stops growing of prostate cancer. Even more, those experts advised a dose of 100 mg ginger per kilogram weight of body.

The study results said ginger reduces tumor growing by whole 56% and does not attack the healthy cells like the chemo does.

The ginger is linked to the reports of ‘in vivo’ or ‘in vitro’ effects for humans and cancer curing.

It was also confirmed that this is better than chemo since it leaves the healthy cells intact. This goes the same for the ovary cancer.

Many other studies showed that ginger prevents many more cancer kinds and also stops the ones in the colon, prostate and ovaries the most.

What is best here is that it has no bad effects and attacks only the cancer cells. The body is less toxic and more healthy.

Start using the ginger even if you are healthy! Add it to meals, smoothies, juices too! This way you cure existing cancer or prevent if you are healthy already and many other benefits will follow.

The best daily ginger dose is 4 grams and pregnant women can take only 1 mg per day.

Lastly, have a healthy diet, healthy habits, workout regularly and you will be healthy.


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