Sitting More Than 10-15 Minutes On Toilet Seat Can Cause THIS To Your Health!

According to the specialists sitting on your toilet seat for more than 15 minutes means you have some serious issues. I know most of you don’t take it seriously but if you are facing this, you’ll have to read further to know the causes and precaution to be taken. This might be diurnal problem for some of you whereas for some this might be once in a week. Read more to find out what happens if you seat for more than 15 minutes while pooping.

What does it mean?

If you spend more than 15 minutes in pooping that means you have been having some problem with your system. Pooping should not be long-stretched and lingering process. In fact, you should only use the toilet when is very necessary.

Unnecessary putting of stress while pooping might lead to severe problems. The lump of blood vessels around the anus region can become inflamed and sore. It may even bleed after some time.

Don’t waste time in the washroom.

The peristalsis wave is a progressive and recurring contraction which enables our body to carry stool along our bowel as well as triggers the urge to poop. In case you don’t go when you are feeling the immediate urge there are chances that you might experience a reverse peristalsis.

The harder and dryer your stool is the more difficult it is to pass.

Difficulty In pooping.

If the impulse for poop goes don’t stress on pooping instead leave the toilet seat and wait until the next pressure generates. You need to be patient as it might take a couple of hours. If it frequently takes you more than 10-15 minutes than it’s an indicator that there’s something wrong with you.

Add plenty of fibers to your diet.

Spending more time in the toilet is an indicator of constipation. It means you need to have plenty of fiber in your meals. You should have at least 38 grams of fiber in your diet. Stress can also be a major reason behind constipation.

A cup of coffee a day keeps constipation away.

Sipping coffee in the morning will help you in the pooping process as it will help you fuel the muscle retrenchments involved in the peristalsis wave. This will help you ease while pooping and make you feel better.




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